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The PMDD Diaries

Welcome PMDD Tribe.

I created this podcast for anyone who suffers from PMDD and those that have a spouse who suffers from PMDD. PMDD is a part of us, but it's not who we are!

My mission is to help women that suffer from PMDD live happier lives and feel more in control!! 

Mar 11, 2019

You guys are in for a treat today!

Today I am chatting with Laura from Vicious Cycle PMDD. Laura was an absolute joy. 

In this episode, we cover A LOT!

* Treatments such as hysterectomy, chemical menopause, and much more.

* Where you can find support.

* What IAPMD is.

* What Vicious cycle is.

* Why it's important to speak up for yourself and much more!!


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