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The PMDD Diaries

Welcome PMDD Tribe.

I created this podcast for anyone who suffers from PMDD and those that have a spouse who suffers from PMDD. PMDD is a part of us, but it's not who we are!

My mission is to help women that suffer from PMDD live happier lives and feel more in control!! 

Nov 19, 2019

Today I am chatting with Rebecca certified health coach, specializing in PMDD. 

Rebecca is a registered yoga teacher and certified health coach who specializes in helping women ditch their PMDD symptoms naturally. She does this by empowering women to make lasting food and lifestyle changes so that they can feel happy...

Nov 12, 2019

Today's episode is simply to help you get through those hard moments, teaches you how to have less of those sucky moments! 

You know the moments when you feel like you suck, life sucks and everyone is an ass hole. 


Don't forget my Instagram has moved. You can still follow my other one, but for the 411 on PMDD, follow...

Nov 5, 2019

During PMDD time whatever pops in our head, we believe, even when it isn't true. Why because PMDD likes to tell us lies, lies we believe. The problem with this is that it makes us feel like shit and cause us to make rash decisions, oftentimes decisions we can't take back. 

The goal, to fight and not believe the lies. In...