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The PMDD Diaries

Welcome PMDD Tribe.

I created this podcast for anyone who suffers from PMDD and those that have a spouse who suffers from PMDD. PMDD is a part of us, but it's not who we are!

My mission is to help women that suffer from PMDD live happier lives and feel more in control!! 

Feb 28, 2019

PMDD may always be hanging out by your side for 7-14 days, but there are things you can to, to help elevate the severity of your mood. 

If you want to know what those things are tune in to this episode! 

* Please Note- I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR. I provide inspiration, tools, and coaching. I, however, cannot treat your PMDD. Please consult a medical professional if you feel you PMDD is something you can't control on your own.