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The PMDD Diaries

Welcome PMDD Tribe.

I created this podcast for anyone who suffers from PMDD and those that have a spouse who suffers from PMDD. PMDD is a part of us, but it's not who we are!

My mission is to help women that suffer from PMDD live happier lives and feel more in control!! 

Jun 18, 2019

Throughout my PMDD journey, I have learned that we often live life according to how we think society or others what us to live it. We live our life being true to everyone but ourselves. We live a lie and guess what stems from that? MISERY! It's time to be true to you and live your life for you! 


Side Notes:

I have a...

Jun 11, 2019

Today I am chatting with the beautiful Cristina from It's Not You; It's Me, A PMDD Podcast. Today Cristina shares her journey, treatment and how she copes on bad days. 

If you haven't listened to her podcast yet, please go check it out:

Connect with...

Jun 6, 2019

So many of you have asked how I am PMDD free. In this episode, I give you some snip it's on how I got to where I am. It didn't happen overnight, but it did happen! 

You can heal from PMDD! You just have to decide and then set foot on the journey. 

* Please Note- I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR. I provide inspiration, tools,...

May 28, 2019

Hello beautiful warrior!

Today's episode is super simple and to the point. Today I am talking about letting the small shit go that PMDD, likes to amplify. Guys...

We gotta let the small stuff go because it's just making you worse!

Now, stop reading and press play! Unless you want to connect. Then keep reading and then...

May 24, 2019

Let's chat about normal, shall we?

I spent the majority of my life chasing normal, and, guess what? I was miserable? And I can't tell you how many women are doing the very same thing. Almost daily, I hear a woman say, " I just want to be normal?" or they ask, " Is that normal?" 

Stop chasing normal, and be you! Just be...